Palau’s Fish ‘n Fins Dive Shop is proud to present two inductees to the prestigious Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.

Francis at Hall of FameMr. Francis Toribiong, (aka “Mr. Dive Palau”) was inducted into the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame in 2010 for his pioneer diving in Palau, discovering many famous dive sites and WWII wrecks.  Additionally, Fish ‘n Fins’ proprietor Tova Harel Bornovski was just inducted into the Women Scuba Diving Hall of Fame in 2013 as the founder of the Micronesian Shark Foundation and for her work with Shark research and education. Toribiong originally opened Fish ‘n Fins in 1972 and subsequently passed the reins of the business to Bornovski and her husband Navot in 1998.


Fish ‘n Fins Dive Shop is the only dive shop in Palau (probably the only dive shop in the world) to showcase this recognition of pioneering and exploring Palau’s dive sites and WWII wrecks, as well as dedication to Palau’s famous shark population.  As a matter of fact, Fish ‘n Fins Dive Shop is continuing to explore additional new dive sites with the assistance of its new helicopter that provides an aerial overview of the reefs.

For more information on the Scuba Diving Hall of Fame, please visit  For more information about special discovery expeditions, please contact

About Palau: Located in the westernmost corner of Micronesia, Palau is an archipelago of more than 586 islands with about 20,000 inhabitants and was the world’s first official Shark Sanctuary, setting the pace for many other destinations to follow suit. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s best dive destinations, Palau is the ultimate paradise for the adventurous traveler, boasting some of the most spectacular water features and beaches as well as the world famous, swim friendly Jellyfish Lake and Rock Islands, which was recently inscribed onto United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. With 1,450 species of fish and 500 species of coral, some have called Palau the “8th Natural Wonder of the World”, while others have identified Palau as “One of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World.” For more information about Palau, please visit

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