Palau Adventure Park

ImageThe Palau Adventure Park recently opened its gates in Palau, Micronesia and they are now offering visitors to this bio-diverse destination exciting adventures and attractions.

Located in a beautiful forest, surrounded by the Rock Islands, the Palau Adventure Park sits alongside a mangrove jungle river and the vast Pacific Ocean. The Palau Adventure Park features four zipline courses as well as a three-kilometer Mangrove Jungle River Boat Tour, which wends through mangrove trees to view local wildlife that includes mangrove crabs and crocodiles.

In addition to the zipline tours, Palau Adventure Park offers other options as well, including the Ocean Historic Site Tour, which is a boat tour that takes passengers out to the Guinness Book of World Records’ “Largest Yapese Stone Money” as well as the Stalactite Bat Cave (an ancient burial grave). Palau Adventure Park also features the Land Historic Site Tour, that takes guests on a drive to the oldest original traditional chief’s meeting house, aka the traditional Palauan “Bai,” and other numerous WWII monuments.

Palau Adventure Park is located near the International Airport and the company provides hotel pick-up service.

Rates for Palau Adventure Park’s tours range from $85-130 — for the Zipline Tour prices are $85 per person; for the Jungle River Boat Tour, it’s $85 per person; for The Ocean Historic Site Tour it’s $130; and for the Land Historic Tour it’s $85.

Please visit Palau Adventure Park at

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