Blogger Jane Cassie “Jane of the Jungle” shares her Palauan Adventure

When I was seven years old, a harmless garter snake crossed my path and put me into panic mode. Now, half a century later, I still get the heebie-jeebies whenever I think of one. So after hearing that a one-eyed eel (close enough to a snake) may be lurking about in the nearby riverbed, I freeze in my tracks.

“My husband and I are visiting Palau, an archipelago of 500-or-so lush islands that sprawl over the North Pacific. And as well as checking out the amazing treasures that thrive beneath the waves, we explore a few above the pristine surface — the Ngardmau Waterfall being one of them.

As legend has it, the curtain of water that plummets 30 metres (100 feet) was created by this slimy creature. After falling into an endless sleep, he magically transformed into the river and his head became the waterfall. Whether fact or fiction, snake or eel, my skin begins to crawl after listening to this mythical tidbit. Read on…

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